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Learn How to Invest in Real Estate in Houston in 2024

May 4 @ 9:30 am 12:00 pm

1001 W Loop S, #550, Houston, TX 77027

Starting a successful real estate investing business can seem overwhelming. This workshop is designed to simplify the process and show you the best strategies to find & acquire discounted properties w/out using your own money. 

Join us Saturday, May 4 where you will learn about: 

  • Taking your first (or next steps) as a real estate investor
  • Priorities to be focusing on to build your real estate business
  • How to get started in real estate
  • How to get unstuck
  • Finding deals
  • and much more

The biggest mistake you can make is to let these common excuses stop you from taking action:


A lot of people think they don’t have time to do real estate because of a full-time job and a family. The truth is, even with a family and a job, you can still invest in real estate part-time. We can show you how.


It is a common myth that you need tons of money to become a real estate investor. The truth is, you just need to know how money works, where to get it, and how to get it.


Some examples of fear that hold people back are: fear of making mistakes, losing money, fear of not knowing where to start, and fear of not knowing what a good deal is.

What to Expect:

Check-in & Networking – 9:30am

Workshop will start promptly at 10:00am

  • Clarity and confidence to take your first steps or advance in real estate investing.
  • Essential priorities for building a successful real estate business, even if you’re balancing a full-time job and family commitments.
  • Strategies to overcome common fears and obstacles, including fear of mistakes, financial risks, and uncertainty in the market.
  • Miss out on learning how to find profitable deals and opportunities due to hesitancy and inaction driven by fear and uncertainty.
  • Lack essential knowledge and strategies to navigate the real estate market effectively, potentially leading to missed investment opportunities and financial setbacks.
  • Delay progress and growth in your real estate investing journey, limiting your potential for success and financial independence.

Common Questions we get from new investors:

Is NOW a good time to buy real estate?

This is a common question with the rising interest rates and the current prices of real estate. The truth is, it is always a good time to buy. You just need to have the right strategies, tools, and network.

What is the best way to become a real estate investor?

Most investors in Houston get started by educating themselves as much as possible and building their network of investors, buyers, specialists, etc. Building your network offers opportunities to partner with other active and experienced investors. Partnering with other experienced investors allows you the opportunity to split profits while you grow your skillset. 

There are various ways of getting started, including, wholesaling, buying fixer-uppers to fix and flip, and even buying properties to hold for consistent monthly income!

Is it possible to become a real estate investor with little or no money? 

Whether you have tons of money, or a little bit of money, you can still get started investing in real estate. 

One of the best ways to get started without tons of money is to partner with an active and experienced real estate investor. 

When first starting out, how do you know what a good deal is?

Evaluating the financial viability of a property is essential for making informed investment decisions. Investors commonly ask about metrics such as cap rate, cash-on-cash return, gross rent multiplier, and net operating income. They want to know how to conduct thorough due diligence to assess the potential risks and returns associated with a property.

1001 W Loop S
Houston, TX 77027,
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