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GH REIA Landlord Focus Group

Greater Houston REIA Landlord Focus Group

January 25 @ 6:30 pm 8:30 pm

Join us for Greater Houston REIA Landlord Focus Group

More and more tenants or potential tenants are claiming ESA (Emotional Support Animal) in order to avoid Pet Deposits, Pet Rent, and other restrictions on animals.  There are services that will provide an ESA Certificate for a fee which individuals will use to avoid Landlord requirements. What do Landlords do to avoid discrimination fines and weed through the imposters?  Join us at the next Landlord Focus Group to learn more!  Here are some points we will discuss:

  • Definitions – “Assistance animal” and “service animal” are not the same under some Federal and State Statutes.  Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is another category that is addressed in the ADA (Americans for Disability Act), HUD (Housing and Urban Development), and the FHA (Fair Housing Act).  What’s the difference?  How do we navigate the rules?
  • Can a Landlord just have a “No Pets” policy and avoid having any animals on the property at all – including those Assistance Animals?
  • What types of animals are considered Assistance Animals?  Do reptiles qualify for Emotional Support?
  • What questions can you ask regarding Assistance Animals?  There are only 2 allowed under ADA.
  • How can a Landlord verify the need for an Assistance Animal and avoid the imposters?
  • Systems to implement to reduce liability, avoid fines, protect income, and comply with the law.
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