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Greater Houston REIA April Main Meeting

Why buy 1 when you can buy 10 or 20 or even 100 or more???

April 15, 2023 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Location: 1001 W Loop S Houston, TX 77027 (Room 550 on the 5th Floor)

How to increase your Wealth exponentially with Apartments/Multi-Family properties.

Why not take the same time, energy and money that you’re putting into buying a one unit property and buy a 10 unit property? A 20 unit property? A 50+ unit property? 

Anthony Chara made the switch from SFH’s to Multi-Family when he received this same advice from one of his mentors.

At this meeting, Anthony Chara will cover:

  • Market Analysis – Update on Local and Nationwide Apartment Markets
  • Find It (Where can you find good properties?)
  • Figure It (Analyzing the numbers to make sure it’s the right property)
  • Fund It (If the numbers make sense, funding is easy!)
  • Finish It (Hold the property for long-term cash flow or sell it for a quick return)

He has owned, partnered and/or syndicated over 1600 apartment units since 2005. Some of these Apartment partnerships range from 31 units in Pennsylvania to 410 units in Indianapolis. 

Anthony has the experience to teach you how to buy both small and large apartment complexes. Anthony’s motto, “Why buy 1 when you can buy 10!”

Don’t get him wrong, he’s not suggesting that investors stop buying SFH’s. He just wants to provide you with another tool for your toolbox to help fill in some of the valleys that many investors experience in between finding their ‘next’ SFH investment.

Did you know Robert Kiyosaki used apartments to get out of the Rat Race so he could write the Book Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Did you know that one of Donald Trump’s  first RE deals on his own was flipping an apartment complex in Cincinnati?

These types of properties were designed to generate large amounts of cash flow every month and have allowed many many people to become financially free. 

Location: 1001 W Loop S Houston, TX 77027 (Room 550 on the 5th Floor)

Anthony Chara is a seasoned Real Estate investor that has investing and property
management experience dating back to 1993. After 16 years working for a fortune 500
company and traveling extensively it was time for a change. Mr. Chara gave up his lucrative
Area Manager position in which he managed 35 electronic technicians in 7 states and a $3M
budget so he could spend less time traveling and more time creating wealth for his family. He
turned to full time Real Estate investing around 2004. He has also started several service
and/or education oriented companies.

Presently, he’s managing member of Apartment Mentors and founder of Success Classes. He
has owned or managed several successful companies during the last 20+ years. Mr. Chara
owns or has owned properties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Belize and Paraguay.
He has taught several thousand aspiring RE investors. Mr. Chara also volunteers and supports
several worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission, Habitat
for Humanity, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Mr. Chara turned to Apartments full time in 2004. He’s owned, partnered and/or has
syndicated over 2000 apartment units around the country since that time. These units range
from 31 units in 1 complex in Pennsylvania to 410 units in 4 complexes in Indianapolis.
Some of his partnerships include a 100 unit complex in Longview, TX, a 31 unit complex in
Pottstown, PA, a 100 unit complex in Macon, GA, a 48 unit property in Lebanon, OH, a 60
unit complex in Burlington, IA, 9 units in a Hilton Hotel complex in Belize and Green
Houses & Orange Grove lots in Paraguay.

In 2006, Mr. Chara decided to capitalize on recent RE market trends to offer superior
technical training to RE Investors specifically targeting commercial investing with an
emphasis on Apartment complexes. Mr. Chara’s techniques teach people how to analyze
properties to see if the Buyer can increase cash flow and value for themselves and their

Having reviewed several other gurus in the marketplace that specialize in Apartments, he set
out to design and implement the best quality Apartment Investing training class in the market
today. He taught his first class in September, 2006, and he believes very strongly, based on
the testimonials that he’s received, that he has achieved this goal.

1 Day Workshop: Anthony Chara will be returning on Saturday April 29, 2023 for a full day workshop!

How to Grow your Wealth with Apartment Buildings/Multi-Units

Learn how and why wealthy people like Robert Kiyosaki used apartments to generate massive cash flow.

During this full day workshop, Anthon will cover:

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Apartments
  • How you actually have more control over the value of your Apartments than with SFH’s
  • Lingo You Need to Know
  • Key Ratios Used in Valuing Apartments
  • Analyze the Numbers on Real Complexes
  • Bring your own deals to analyze live in the workshop!!!