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Greater Houston REIA Monthly Main Meeting & Networking

Greater Houston REIA Monthly Main Meeting & Networking

Greater Houston REIA’s Super Networking Event

Greater Houston Real Estate Harmony: Where Connections, Tacos, and Success Converge!

March 9 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

1001 W Loop S, #550, Houston, TX 77027

Join us for a morning buzzing with excitement, where connections are forged, and making friends takes center stage. Greater Houston REIA’s Super Networking Event – an exclusive gathering designed to cultivate friendships with lenders, contractors, partners, and more. Relationships are the cornerstone of success in real estate, and this event is your platform to witness how strategic networking can transform your journey.

🌐 Connecting the Dots: Starters, Builders, and Enders Unite

Strategic networking is the bridge that connects the dots between starters, estate builders, and enders. Everyone brings unique value to the table, and this event is your canvas to showcase and discover that value. Whether you’re just starting in the real estate game, building your empire, or reaching the pinnacle of success, the Super Networking Event is the place where connections transform into collaborations.

🔗 Why Networking Matters: Your Path to Prosperity

Networking is not just a handshake; it’s the roadmap to prosperity in real estate. Imagine connecting with lenders who understand your financial aspirations, contractors who share your vision, and partners who align with your goals. The Super Networking Event is curated to showcase how these connections can shape your path, paving the way for unparalleled success in the dynamic world of real estate.

🤝 Navigating Conversations: Conquering Networking Fears

We understand that meeting new people can be challenging, especially for introverts. This event is not just an opportunity to connect; it’s a guide to overcoming the fears associated with networking. Learn practical tips on initiating conversations, making connections that feel authentic, and navigating through networking with confidence. This is your chance to transform networking from a challenge into a skill you can master.

🎉 The Excitement of Networking: Where Connections Flourish

Step into an atmosphere charged with excitement, where connections take center stage, and possibilities unfold. This event is not just about networking; it’s a celebration of the thrill that comes with building genuine relationships. Whether you’re an extrovert thriving in lively discussions or an introvert seeking more intimate connections, our Super Networking Event caters to all personality types, ensuring that everyone experiences the excitement of networking.

9am – Breakfast Tacos & Networking

Subject-To Deal CASE STUDY

This seller on this property was behind on their mortgage payments and was scheduled to be foreclosed on. Join us and hear from the investors (new investors) how they were able to put this deal together and get it closed.


How to Effectively Market to Find Motivated Sellers


Do you have deals you are looking for buyers for? Looking for a partner? Looking for a contractor? Bring your deals to present during Haves/Wants/Deals!


Connect & Get to know other like-minded individuals in smaller group settings. Learn how to effectively network, exchange contact information, and start building business relationships.

1001 W Loop S
Houston, TX 77027,
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