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Greater Houston REIA Monthly Main Meeting & Networking

Earn Bigger Profits by Mastering The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is more than a skill; it’s the catalyst that can propel you from ordinary to extraordinary income levels in the realm of real estate. It’s the conduit through which you convert opportunities into tangible financial gains. 

The power to negotiate effectively can’t be underestimated – it’s the fastest way to increase your income and achieve financial milestones that once seemed out of reach

September 9, 2023 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Join us Saturday September 9 as Master Negotiator Ray Sasser shares his over 40 years of experience in negotiating. He will share the top strategies he uses and has used for many years that have allowed him to build a very successful real estate business. 

Negotiation is more than just a skill; it is a secret passage to realms of untapped potential. Arming yourself with an unquenchable thirst for growth, you can embark on a journey to master the art of negotiation.

Imagine a motivated seller reaching out to you with a dilapidated property that has the potential to shine like a diamond. Woohoo! But they are quick to let you know they have called a dozen other investors, and are waiting for the “best offer”.  Oh, no! 

You sigh and start figuring out how to pay more than you really want to, waive all of the contingencies, close in a week, and hope to entice the seller to sign a contract with you by offering a better price and a cleaner contract than everyone else. 

Negotiation isn’t a skill that comes naturally to most of us – but it can be LEARNED.

That’s why it’s so important to learn from a real estate investor with over 4 decades of experience as he shares:

  • The 10 power principals of negotiating
  • The 3 phases of real estate negotiation
  • How to establish credibility
  • How to deal with different seller personality types
  • How to tell the difference between what a seller SAYS he wants and what he needs
  • Overcoming objections

Offering More Cash is a Losing Strategy.

The WINNING strategy is….

  • To be the one the seller WANTS to work with, because you actually listened, really understood the seller’s problem and motivations, and really worked to solve those problems
  • Built trust and a real connection with the seller, making them feel comfortable and valued
  • In short, you didn’t come across as a pushy slime bag, like most of your competitors do.

Your negotiation skills become your secret weapon, elevating every deal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Negotiation isn’t about crushing the other party; it is about crafting collaborations that sow the seeds of mutual success.

Some investors flourish, and a lot of investors observe from the sidelines, remaining oblivious to the monumental power they are missing out on.

Don’t brush off negotiation as a mere formality, succumbing to inflated prices, settling for subpar deals, and miss out on the exhilaration of transforming underappreciated assets into thriving investments.

Grasp the significance of forging genuine connections, understanding seller motivations, and converting resistance into collaboration. Allow yourself to break the shackles of limitation and turn missed chances into untapped potential.

The lesson is clear…..

Those who sharpen their negotiation skills unlock a world of opportunities that others merely glimpse from afar…..

Armed with meticulously honed negotiation skills, you engage the seller in a dance of words and values. Through empathy, persuasion, and an uncanny ability to read between the lines, you craft a win-win scenario.

The seller, burdened by the property’s history, finds relief in your willingness to understand their situation. Through strategic negotiation, you secure a deal that not only breathes life back into the property but also ensures the seller’s peace of mind. As the deal closes, both parties walked away with smiles – one, with a newfound sense of relief, and the other, with a diamond-in-the-rough property ripe for transformation.

Negotiation wasn’t about crushing the other party; it is about crafting collaborations that sow the seeds of mutual success.
By not sharpening your negotiation skills,  you could be blind to the wealth of opportunities you can unlock. 

Meeting Location Details:

1001 W Loop S Houston, TX 77027

Room 550 – 5th Floor