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Saturday Online Intensive Workshop

Online Masterclass:
How to Get Private Lenders

(at waaaay better rates and terms than you think you can)

June 24 @ 8:00 am 2:00 pm

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You may have the wrong idea about private loans.

You may THINK that “all private lenders” want high interest rates, and only want to make loans for a few months, and that they’re hard to find.

That hasn’t been Chad Harris’s experience:

  • He has a whole list of private lenders
  • Who are thrilled to lend at single-digit rates (as low as 6%!)
  • With minimal hoops to jump through
  • And often, zero down payment 
  • For years on end
  • Which let him buy his first 55 units with financing that actually let them cash flow (and without a single credit check)

That’s why we’ve asked him to teach an all-day online masterclass about HOW he does it.

Because we know that YOU struggle with getting that longer-term, lower-rate, no down payment or junk fee, easy private money.

Chad will share all of this:

  • What private money IS (hint: not ‘hard money, and way easier than institutional money)
  • The 3 foundational concepts for success in raising private money
  • Who your ideal private lenders are, and where to meet them
  • Why they’re not just willing to lend, but actually LOVE to lend, at rates as low as 6%
  • Why “asking for money” is a big mistake
  • How you SHOULD make presentations to private lenders to get to the “Yes!”
  • The script you should use for “booking the meeting” that you’ll have with every potential private lender
  • Why you’re going to have to become better a self-promoter (and why that’s not as smarmy as it sounds)
  • Why you need to pay a LOT of attention to the laws in your state before you EVER approach a potential private lender
  • All the steps to closing an actual deal with a private lender
  • Why you need a whole rolodex full of private lenders (and how to build that list)
  • The 5 false beliefs that are keeping you from the success you want

Chad is a rental owner who jumped into real estate with both feet in 2013, when his prior job ended suddenly. With no real experience and no way to get bank loans, he started building his portfolio (now 80 units) the only way he could—with other people’s money.

In the process, he developed the system that he’s going to share with us for getting private lenders to fund his deals in a way that he can hold on to them long term…and he’s raised literally millions of dollars this way.

       (and he’s living proof that even a new investor can raise private money, with the right deals and the right approach…he bought his first 55 units without one single credit check…)

As always, this in-depth Masterclass is super-affordable AND guaranteed, or your money back: 

Members pay just $67 per person ($47 before June 22nd)

non-members $127 ($97 before June 22nd) and if you don’t agree that this day was worth 10x the investment, we’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked

    And if you can’t attend live (on Zoom), register ANYWAY, because the recording will be available for all registered attendees after the event!

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