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Rental Revolution: A Deep Dive into Airbnb & Midterm Rentals with Ray Sasser & Rob Abasolo

In this dynamic podcast, investor Ray Sasser delves into mastering Airbnb and short-term rentals with expert Rob Abasolo. They cover startup strategies, scaling tips, and the nuances of LTR, MTR, and STR. Uncover success secrets, essential KPIs, and networking strategies for a hybrid business. Rob shares invaluable insights, including unlocking 3x-5x revenue and building strong connections. Tune in for expert advice on reputation management, prime vacation rental markets, OTA pros and cons, and the keys to a thriving rental venture.

New Laws In Texas

The laws in Texas are changing, regarding Wholesaling, and other areas important to investors. This conversation between Ray Sasser and Marty Hutchinson discuss these changes.

Residential Assisted Living

Interview with Isabelle Gaurino

Midterm Rentals

Interview w/ Al Williamson

Investing in Multifamily

Interview w/ Anthony Chara

Rehabbing Properties for BIG Checks. Interview w/ Robyn Thompson