The BEST REHAB seminar EVER – Robyn Thompson’s Junkers +Massive Passive + Vacation Rentals

Saturday January 14th 1pm-5pm AND Sunday January 15th 9am-5pm

Here’s what Robyn will cover during her upcoming two day workshop being held right here in Houston on Rehabbing and Flipping. It’s going to be a good one as usual.  We want a bunch of people to hear Robyn.

  1. Where and how to find good deals.
  2. What houses, properties, neighborhoods to Stay Away from and don’t waste your time with.
  3. She’ll go over step by step her process she uses and has perfected to rehab hundreds of houses.
  4. Working with good contractors who work well on their own so you barely have to show up on the job site.
  5. How to engineer great profit margin into every deal and how to salvage seemingly no-good deals.
  6. What WOW factors to spend money on and which are a total waste of time and money.
  7. Marketing strategies to attract “A-Credit” buyers.
  8. How to prescreen buyers so you don’t tie the property up for too long. (even if you’re listing it with a broker).

PLUS all the in-between stuff that goes along with this list!
PLUS MASSIVE PASSIVE INCOME (make more by working less!)
PLUS VACATION RENTALS –how to analyze properties for STR, furnishings, contracts, cleaning, bookings, and much more

Robyn knows her stuff and has a good system for doing deals. Many investors in our association have built entire business around using her methodologies and are and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’ve known Robyn for years, and if you want to work in this space or you already are, than she’s worth paying attention to. She’s been-there-done-that!

Ticket Prices: Members: $79 Members w/ Guest :$99 Non-members: $99 Non-members w/ Guest: $129