We Want to Hear Your Story

We Want to Hear Your Story

We want to hear about it– good, bad, or ugly. There is a lesson to be learned from every deal and we want to learn from you! If you have a story of success or important lessons you have learned in a recent deal, please share them!

We’re having a monthly contest to showcase your hard work. One lucky entry per month will receive $50 in REIA Bucks. 

All entries will be entered into our year-end drawing for a chance to win a $250 Home Depot Gift Card.

Got a great story from 5 years ago? Send it in. Five years or 5 days, all entries qualify for the monthly drawings. 

Every month we will be putting one of the entries on the front cover of the newsletter. 

  • Did you do a great rehab?
  • Did a rehab go horribly wrong?
  • Did a seller give you a house?
  • Did you get great terms from a seller?
  • Did you make a great find?
  • Did you have a deal that went wrong, but came back strong?

Got more than one story to share? Each story that is submitted will be entered into our monthly and yearly drawings.

  • If the deal was great, tells us why.
  • If the deal was bad, what did you learn from it?
  • If the terms were good, explain how you got them.