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September Meeting – The Evolution of a Real Estate Investor – Panel

The Evolution of a Real Estate Investor

The Evolution of a RE Investor. Where did you start & WHY? Where are you now & WHY? Come hear Greater Houston REIA investors share their stories, their challenges & reasons for changes, what worked, what didn’t, where they started & where they are now and WHY.

September 10, 2022 @ 8:30 am 12:00 pm

Main Meeting: 8:30am-12pm – You can come as early as 8:30, the meeting will officially start promptly at 9:30.

Bonus session AFTER the meeting from 12:30pm-2pm – Kickstart Your Investing Into Gear! See below for more info

Many factors come into play when we are RE investors that help determine why we do what we do at any particular time.  Different factors may cause us to pivot into a different direction, use a different niche one time or many times over a period of time as “life happens”.

Such factors may include:

  • having no extra money, so you started wholesaling as an entry point into investing. 
  • having a full time job and limited spare time
  • having little knowledge of various niches (landlording, rehabbing, flipping, etc)
  • having no skills or time to do your own rehabs or maintenance, but not enough money to pay someone else
  • having analysis paralysis
  • having no experience and afraid to ask for help
  • having money but don’t know how to use it in the most effective way
  • been there, done that” mode—-tired of rehabbing, want to do something passive
  • age, physical changes that cause you to “rethink” your plan for the future
  • having enough investment assets to live on, quit your job, now what?

Being around a group of successful and supportive RE investors makes all the difference in the world. Greater Houston REIA is that group of friends who can appreciate what you are thinking and going thru as you try to figure out your path.  This goes for new investors (starters) intermediate investors (builders) and advanced, experienced investors (Enders).  We ALL pivot and make changes along the way.

Join us Saturday September 10 to hear a panel of local Greater Houston REIA investors of all levels who want to share:

  • Their stories
  • Their challenges
  • Reasons for changes,
  • What worked & what didn’t,
  • Where they started and where they are now and WHY. 

1) Kyle & Camille Davis
2) Ricardo Rosales
3) Chris Hopper

Kyle & Camille Davis

Kyle & Camille Davis

  • Started out doing Subject-To deals
  • Started and grew their real estate investing while having and raising their family
  • President, Wealth BuildHERS LLC
  • Investor with 40 SF Properties
  • Owns long-term rentals
  • Owns Airbnb Properties
  • Kyle and Camille self manage their properties
  • General Contractor
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Kyle works a full-time job and is also a Realtor
Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo was born in the United States but lived a big part of his life in Venezuela, years later he returned to the States. 

  • 4 years in the Military (Thank You Ricardo)
  • Spent many years in the insurance business
  • spent many years in the Oil & Gas Business
  • Started in Real Estate in 2008. Almost had to file bankruptcy after being derailed by Hurricane Harvey.

As of today Ricardo:

  • has Completed over 500 fix & flips and 1000 wholesale deals
  • is a Nationwide wholesaler
  • is a Landord
  • is the host of his own podcast
  • hosts major real estate events to train real estate entreprenuers (Attend Growth
  • is the founder of Top Of The Line VA and Prospector Web
Chris Hopper

Chris Hopper

  • Full time real estate investor since 2006
  • has been a Full time real estate investor since 2006. 
  • Started out buying rentals and 4plexes
  • “survived the crash” (barely)
  • Flipped houses after the crash for bigger paychecks
  • Currently owns about 115 single family rentals
  • Today Chris still flips, as well as recycles rentals every few years to cash out and scale


  • Networking & Breakfast Tacos
  • Announcements & Latest Happenings at Greater Houston REIA
  • Haves/Wants & Deal A Minute
  • Case Study
  • Tip of The Month
  • Market Update
  • Main Presentation: Investor Panel (Panel information coming soon)

Bonus Afternoon Session After the meeting.

Bonus Afternoon Session: 12:30pm-2pm

Eliminate your fears, build your confidence, give your business the jumpstart it needs & KICKSTART Your Investing Into Gear!
If you are new to real estate, thinking about getting into real estate, or wanting to scale your business, this is for you! 
Topics for this session include:

  • How to get started, and starting on the right path – you can either try to reinvent the wheel, spend thousands of dollars- with no results, waste hundreds of hours spinning your wheels- getting nowhere…..OR….you can get some guidance on how to go down the right path from the beginning. 
  • Get unstuck, or restarted – we all go through rough patches, but how successful investors pivot to make it through these rough patches and get back on track?
  • What’s next- are you a new member? are you thinking about becoming a member? What is next for you? How can you maximize your benefits with AlamoREIA? 
  • Narrowing your focus for success – We see so many new investors overwhelm themselves by trying to do too much too fast, or they focus on the wrong things that take them nowhere….we want to help you avoid that trap!
  • What’s working in today’s market – what are other members doing that is bringing them success? 

Some of the Benefits of Being a Member of Greater Houston REIA

  • Networking & Team Building
  • Community & Support
  • Market Updates
  • Case Studies
  • Gain Real World Knowledge and Experience
  • Access to Great Off-market Deals
  • Special Home Depot Perks & Discounts with Home Depot Pro Xtra
  • Learn & Gain Access to Financing/Funding for Your Deals
  • Membership includes: Greater Houston REIA, AlamoREIA (San Antonio), and LoneStar REIA (Coming Soon)

Types of Events & Meetings Greater Houston REIA offers:

Monthly Main Meetings – we meet every month on the second Saturday. These meetings are great sources for Networking & making connections, and learning. Each month there is a Case Study where you see a deal broken down & explained, Tip of The Month provided by one of our experts or vendors,Market Update to keep you informed on what is going on in this crazy market. At these meetings you will also have access to any deals wholesalers bring to present during our Haves & Wants segment, and lots of content & learning during our main presentation! (We also provide food & drinks at these meetings)

Focus Groups/Workshops – Greater Houston REIA currently has 2 focus groups – Women In Real Estate (W.I.R.E.) which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. And our Landlord Focus Group that meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month – Even though it says “Landlord” Focus Group, anyone is welcome to come – The topics are focused around all the different aspects of landlording.

Lunch & Learns – These meetings take place on the 3rd week of the month. More details coming soon

Bonus Sessions – Most months, we will have a bonus session after the monthly main meeting. Each meeting announcement will include details on these bonus sessions.

Special Events – In person, multi-day events/classes. From time to time we also offer classes that include property tours with an experienced investor as well.

Pop-up events – From time to time, especially when there is something important or an incredibly hot topic, we will offer a half day class workshop.

Saturday Intensive Workshops – We partner with some of the best REIAs around the country and have a curriculum of workshops (on zoom) available. The presenters/speakers at these workshops are the best of the best in the topic they are speaking on. Often times they are highly recommended, and even when recommended they still have to be interviewed & approved. One of the great things about these workshops, is that even if you cannot attend these, they are recorded and you get the recording the following week.

As you can tell, there is plenty to benefit from here at Greater Houston REIA. Join us at our next meeting and find out how you can become a member so you can take advantage of everything offered.

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